Delegate Info

Delegate Information

What is a Precinct Delegate?

Counties are made up of cities, townships and villiages and those are broken down even further to “precincts”. Each precinct gets a certain number of delegates based on its population. Those delegates are elected to disperse funds to the candidates that they selected based on the people who voted for them.

How much time does being a delegate require?

As much or as little as you want. Minimally there are only two county conventions per year. However, we encourage you to get involved in one or more of our many committees. You will see that you are now part of a God fearing family to Make Saginaw Great Again.

How can I become a Precinct Delegate?

In the United States of America we have elections. The person who gets the most votes in an election wins. When it comes to precinct delegates there are often unfilled positions. (Saginaw GOPs of the past did not want delegates. They wanted only a few people to run the party in YOUR Saginaw County.) We have and affidavit you can fill out. An affidavit is a form saying you are who you claim to be and are voting for yourself. That’s one vote for you! If there are open delegate seats in your precinct you win and are now an elected public servant! Contact Eric Kowalewski for more info 989-239-0446

Do I have to wait for an election or county convention to get started?

No way! If you are a tax paying resident of Saginaw County then this is YOUR goverment and it works for YOU. At any time you get involved in a committee. You just can’t vote until you actually become a delegate.

How many Precinct Delegates are there in Saginaw County?

There are 907 total in our Great County. Currently there are 240 Saginaw County Precinct Delegates. That means there are 667 open positions. Sign up today and tell your friends and family! We are looking for people who believe in America and our Great Nation’s motto: